Pharmaceutical Equipment

Life Support Equipment

As the name implies, life support equipment are those medical devices intended to maintain the bodily function of a patient. Without life support, it will be difficult for the patient’s organ systems to function on their own. There are a variety of life support machines in the medical field today, such as the following:

  • Heart-lung Machines – Also known as cardiopulmonary bypass (CB) devices, this type of equipment temporarily functions as the heart or lungs of a patient during surgery. It facilitates in the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the patient’s body. It is known as a form of extracorporeal circulation.
  • Medical Ventilators – This type of device is designed to move breathable air in and out of the lungs. It is used on patients who have difficulty breathing, or who are incapable of delivering an adequate supply of oxygen throughout the body. There are two types of medical ventilators. One is hand-operated using a bag valve mask. The other is run and operated by a computer. You will find this machine used in intensive care unit patients or home care patients.
  • Dialysis Machine – Dialysis is the method of removing excess solutes or toxins from the blood. It is used on people whose kidneys have been damaged and are incapable of performing these functions. It is a type of renal replacement therapy. Dialysis machines are essential for those who have kidney damage or lost kidney function.
  • Incubators – An incubator is a medical apparatus used for neonatal intensive care. It is designed to mimic the environmental conditions suitable for newborn babies. It is often used in conjunction with a few other medical equipment such as an oxygen hood and ventilator.

  • N95 Nano Masks

    A N95 Nano Mask is an easy to breathe mask with an exceptional filter. It has a powerful filtering mechanism and also an excellent permeability. It is made up of nanofiber filters.

    A Nanofiber filter is only 1 nanometer and 1 billionth of a meter in thickness. It is a new material made by building these fibres sterically for a fishnet structure that has better permeability, blockability and durability than any fibre ever invented.

    A Nanofiber filter has a different fiber thickness, space between fibers and also the filtering method from the existing electrostatic filter. The Nanofiber filter is a cutting-edge technology applied to global brands and products. Since it touches the nose and the mouth, this fiber is very appropriate for masks where permeability is important.