Privacy Policy

Technicia Global Services is committed to keep your data secure, and the privacy policy below outlines what data we collect and how we may use it. Our website only collects identifiable information as you log into our website, or the information that you willingly enter into our forms, if any. The information that we would ask you to enter may include but not limited to your name, email address, phone number and a message you wish to type.

What information we collect?

The information we collect is used to

(1) Contact you in the future
(2) Better understand your project
(3) Collect feedback from your end
(4) To improve consumer service
(5) To send emails, including service and promotional emails

Technicia Global Services will not share your information with any third-party, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, unless specified by you. In a case where it is absolutely required to better serve you, it will be conveyed to you beforehand. However, your information will be available to all divisions/ sister concerns and ventures of Technicia Global Services. The information may be shared with government agencies in accordance to respective laws.

Our website also uses temporary cookies to offer a more personalised experience and maintain the continuity of a visit. Any updation, deletion and modification of your information will be done only after requested by you.

Terms and Conditions for Technicia Global Services

By accessing the website and any of the services of Technicia Global Services you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions, as well as any and all applicable laws and regulation, and agree to comply to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you may stop using the website and any of our services at once. If you have any queries about these terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us.

Technicia Global Services reserves the right to change the privacy policy and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. We serve a huge community of clients and it is our utmost priority to ensure the security of their data and personal information.

(1) User Behaviour

Unless you receive consent from Technicia Global Services in writing, you may not

- Use directly or after modifying any material from the website or any related services of the company
- Use any material from the website without giving accreditation to the company
- Attempt to obtain the source code and decompile any software/application you purchased from the company
- Resell or make copies of any material you purchase from the company

(2) Revisions and Errata

The material that appears on this website, either in text, graphical or visual form is error-free from our end. However, it may include technical, typographical or photographic errors. Technicia Global Services does not guarantee that the content is error-free and will not be liable for any damages occurring due to the same. If you find any errors, you may contact us to get it rectified.

(3) External Links

Technicia Global Services has no control over the contents of any third-party websites link on the content of its website or services, and cannot be held liable for any errors or misinformation provided on such websites. Also, by visiting and browsing these websites, you will be subjected to their individual privacy policies and terms and conditions and Technicia Global Services does not hold any control over those terms and conditions and privacy policy.


The information provided on this website is ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ basis, and up-to-date in our knowledge but may be subjected to change at any time.