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Mobile or Website, which is better for your venture.

Social media websites get billions of hits every day and more than 3/4th of the total users logged in from a handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet. In the current age where almost everyone is equipped with a smart device, it is very important to look for ways by which these devices can help you in business. While having a responsive website is a boon for your venture, entrusting your capital in good mobile app developmentfor your product will get you an extensive user share. So amongst all this, the big question that arises in the mind of the person employing their capital in mobile application development and design is that which is better for your venture, only a good and efficiently made website or only a good mobile application or both. With almost every living soul being online, opening a business and not using online tools and tactics to publicize your venture might help you hit a dead-end faster than you expected in your worst-case scenario. So be it a mobile or website, you to get your business online no matter what as the online world is a special catalyst which every business needs to flourish fast and better.

Mobile Application and its Development

When we talk about mobile applications, there are thousands and thousands of available online for free. So how can one hope to be the star amongst the already selling applications? The answer lies in the number of users using smartphones and other handheld devices. When one invests money in mobile application development for their venture, one thing should be clear that it is not made to take the whole world by storm but a business application should be simple enough for your clientele to easily access your products and services. Heavy and lagging mobile applications are always a no. your business application should be of medium size soit is not too small to fit your features and not too large so that the users don’t even want to download it. simple enough, don’t try to put everything in your application. Your application should have the most important features first and if there is room for more, then you should add some secondary features. The user interface should be smooth and there should be an option to contact your venture in the application, which makes the user feel connected to you in case of any problem. 

Website Design and Development

With new ventures coming up every day and every one of them is investing in a website, one thinks that why is there a need of website development or having a responsive website for your venture and why cannot a business survive or scale without a website. With everyone connected to the online in one form of the other, it is necessary to give them something which can help them connect to your venture. Your website will act asa bridge between you and your customers or possible customers. That is why having a responsive website which gives the user a smooth experience will always be a plus point of your venture. To get an efficient and lessexpensive web design and development package, contacting a food website design company is the best option. Before the development of the website, you need to make sure that you contact a good website hosting company so that your website is hosted on a good server. With that being done, you can employ your time and capital in the design and development of your website. The website should have a good graphical user interface and should have none or minimum advertisements so that the user can easily concentrate on the relevant information and not the advertisements. With the proper and relevant content on your website which clearly states whatyou are and what you offer, your website is already on the right track. Rest whatever you are selling or offering should be made available to the user and they should be able to pay seamlessly if there is an option topay online. If you employ a payment option, security should be your top priority. Finally, there should be an option of the relevant and updated contact information of your venture which can help the user in case of any problem. 

Starting with a website and then expanding to mobile is the best probable solution for a venture. In the next phase when you have gathered enough users, you can try and go mobile-only to save a lot of capital on the website updates and handling and employ it fully in mobile app development to upgrade your application. This will give you the edge of the high number of users who have of a smartphone or handheld device and going mobile-only helps you run your venture at a faster, more efficient and at a lower cost. Simply, gather users online using a website and if your product is liked by the clientele, then you can upgrade your venture and get a good mobile application developed. 

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